Data Enablement Services

Data Management

Owl Software helps customers move from legacy systems into cloud environments with a full array of services along the entire data management journey. Data enablement begins here, with a goal for innovative, scalable data management that supports and enhances our customers’ own CX/UX.

Data Stewardship

Data stewardship is a core element of digital-era business. Owl Software works with customers to enhance the maturity of knowledge about their data, so they can use it faster and grow from it. Our guidance leads customers to greater trust and confidence in their data and a robust structure for ongoing data stewardship that aligns with customer-specific infrastructure, capacities and goals.

Data Science

We believe data science is the next go-to-market strategy. We guide customers on a data science journey that enables AI and other digital transformation initiatives through data readiness and decentralization of data ownership across the enterprise. Our data science services move data out of the realm of IT-CX-UX- and into the C-suite as a driver of business strategy.